M/S. ENERGY TECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is an environmental engineering firm based in Pune since 1996. The company has been founded by three directors who are civil engineers and have done post graduation in Environmental Engineering.

The company provides a sustainable solution for wastewater treatment by offering expertise in setting up Solid Immobilised Bio-Filter (SIBF) system - a non-conventional, eco-friendly and natural wastewater treatment system. The SIBF system is based on ecological engineering and is best suited for de-centralised wastewater treatment. The pollution problem is solved and treated water is available for reuse, thereby, contributing to a cleaner, better environment.

The company gives ‘real’ solution for treatment and reuse of wastewater (and not ‘namesake’ treatment plants which satisfy the mandatory requirements but, unfortunately, do not give satisfactory performance). In the market of wastewater treatment, where most of the conventional and other ‘natural’ treatment systems fail to deliver clean, reusable water, SIBF system stands out in its consistent performance. Since the treatment is done by biological means, there is no toxicity due to chemicals in the final treated water. Further, when this treated water is reused, the food chain is not polluted by toxic and carcinogenic elements.

The company also provides monitoring and technical back-up services to its clients after the commissioning of the system is completed. This ensures that the treatment system is regularly evaluated, monitored and properly operated. Also, the management is assured of the performance of the system.

SIBF system is being designed and installed for treating organic (biodegradable) wastewater generated in townships, educational institutes, ashrams, housing colonies, canteens, hotels, resorts, entertainment parks, food-processing industries, fruit processing industries, agro-based industries, animal houses, slaughter houses, etc. Also, some challenging wastewaters from pharmaceutical industries, food industries, mega-kitchens have been successfully treated through SIBF system.