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M/S. ENERGY TECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is an environmental engineering firm based in Pune since 1996. We offer our expertise in setting up Solid lmmobilised Bio-Filter (SIBF) system - a non-conventional, natural, eco-friendly and energy saving wastewater treatment system.

The SIBF system is based on ecological engineering and the wastewater treatment is brought about by the ecosystem developed for the specific requirement. The pollution problem is solved and treated water is available for reuse, thereby, contributing to a cleaner, better environment.

Applications: SIBF system is being designed and installed for treating organic (biodegradable) wastewater generated in townships, educational institutes, ashrams, housing colonies, canteens, hotels, resorts, entertainment parks, food processing industries, fruit processing industries, agro-based industries, animal houses, slaughter houses, etc.

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  • SIBF system for treatment of sewage
  • SIBF system for treatment of slaughter-house wastewater
  • SIBF system for treatment of food industry wastewater
  • SIBF system for treatment of industrial canteen wastewater
  • SIBF system for treatment of pharmaceutical effluent
  • SIBF system for treatment of dairy effluent
  • SIBF system for treatment of any biodegradable effluent

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SIBF system at Bharati Vidyapeeth's Medical College & Hospital, Sangli

About SIBF System

The SIBF System is a natural & sustainable wastewater treatment system based on ecological engineering. The treated water conforms to PCB norms & can be used for gardening / landscaping and irrigation, construction, toilet flushing etc.

We wish to share that most of our clients have evaluated all the conventional & natural systems before implementing our SIBF system. Now, they are enjoying the benefits for many years!


It has been a matter of common experience that the conventional STPs / ETPs, packaged STPs are very difficult to operate and hence do not give consistent results. This leads to wasteful expenditure as well as loss of a crucial natural resource (water). Since the required water quality is not obtained, the treated water cannot be reused for the desired purpose. This untreated / partially treated water pollutes in the surroundings. Also, the electricity and skill requirement is very high as compared to SIBF system.
SIBF system is entirely different from other similar looking natural STPs / ETPs. Many of our clients have chosen us as their technology consultants after evaluating the conventional as well as other natural systems. Hence, we suggest adopting SIBF system which is a proven technology.


The ecofriendly system is giving excellent service as the treated water is used for gardening/landscaping purposes. The firm has monitored the working of this plant during different seasons of the year. We wish them all the success.


Jnana Prabodhini

M/s. Energy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune has installed SIBF system at four of our premises for treatment of domestic wastewater. We are glad that this ecofriendly system is working to our satisfactlon giving the desired results. We are reusing the treated water for gardening and landscaping.


Ghodawat Pan Masala

This is to confirm that Mis Energy Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd B2l3, Shantiban Society Kothrud, Pune 411 038 have installed SIBF System for waste water treatment at our Chinmaya Vibhooti Vision Centre in the year 2010.
Treated water from the SIBF is being used for gardening/landscaping purposes.


Chimnaya Vibhooti, Pune

Energy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune has set up the SIBF system at our Abhiruchi Mall & Multiplex. We are pleased with its performance and results. The treated water is reused for gardening and toilet flushing. We find that this system is simple to operate and maintain.


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Case Studies

SIBF System at Art of Living, Main Ashram, Bangalore

The management opted to install the ecofriendly SIBF system. The SIBF system was selected mainly due to its low operation cost and low skill requirement. The system looks like a garden and adds to the landscaping. The system requires less power & skill.

SIBF System at Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, Pune

The earlier conventional ETP was not giving desired results and was difficult to operate. Hence, the management was in search for a better option. SIBF system was opted after proper evaluation.

SIBF System at Atmantan Health Care Centre, Pune

The management had earlier opted for the conventional STP. The civil works had been executed. Then, the management changed their decision and opted for SIBF system after getting to know the difficulties of operating a conventional STP to get desired results consistently.

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